Four Morons - Watch out for the Mazda, the Audiot, the Prius, and the Toyota.  
All at the same time and place.  This is a very common occurrence at the 85/237
interchange.  This is why traffic is so bad in this area.  This is also why there
are so many accidents here.  If the CHP were here for one hour, the citations
they issued would pay off the state debts.

6YUS737 - Watch the red Chevy.  Never signals, even when diving across the
highway.  This is reckless driving.
-  The truck in the distance had pulled over to let people pass.  The
Idiot driving the Prius was afraid to pass the truck , so the truck went
Ahead.  In the interim, the driver of the Highlander lollygags while a
Line of traffic was approaching from the rear.  I gave her a couple of
Toots of the horn, and she slams her brakes.  This is on highway 1.
World Pac
-  This genius blows though a very red light.
-  Watch this idiot just cut in.  Even my customer commented.  
He’s about 10 feet from my bumper.
Little Pecker Pusher
-  Wile-e-Coyote dives for the exit.  Turn signals
are also broken.
-  This guy thinks he owns the road.
CA 6YTU194 - Just has to cut to the front of
theline.  Some people are so stupid.
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