This site is for information related to operating and maintaining vehicles within
the state of California.  Any injuries, illegal acts, damage to ones vehicle or
other acts of stupidity related to following the advice of this site is strictly the
liability of the reader.  

Idiots on the Interstate accepts no liability due to the acts of any individual or
organizations’ interpretation of the information on this site.

I apologize for any unauthorized use of any brand or organization name.  If
there are any problems with the use of said brand names or organizations,
please contact us via e-mail to resolve said problems.  

If your vehicle, license plate, or likeness appears in any video or still-frame
photos and you don’t like it, too bad.  Don’t do stupid things in public where
I can record you.  I post videos and photographs generally unedited so all
persons on the road will know to avoid you and your employers can see how
you operate their company vehicles.  
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