Guest Idiots
This is the place for videos from other drivers.
East Bay Dave
My first contributor

This guy decided he just absolutely HAD to exit even though he had missed the Fremont Blvd exit by 150 yards.  After cutting off cars in TWO lanes and almost crashing, he still would not give up on trying to exit, and eventually STILL did drive over dirt and a curb to exit.

Justice SERVED during morning school dropoff.  He doesn't seem to know I'm there and cuts us off (no signal), speeds off when I honk him to let him know I'm there (no 'sorry' wave), runs a red light (where kids cross, walking to school), drops his kid off at sidewalk (instead of in the dropoff area), makes an illegal U-turn, and then... GETS A TICKET! 



This moron was driving too fast AND clearly didn't notice the red light 
until too late, especially for the wet conditions -- probably texting. 
 Could've gotten himself killed if cross-traffic was coming, or could've crashed into us.