Cut Off
Lane Divers
These idiots are the reason I started all this.  I am so sick and tired of all the
morons that cut me (and you) off and dive into my lane and slam on their
brakes.  So many accidents are caused by these inconsiderate and clueless
people.  The biggest problem is, if you hit them, without evidence of them
cutting you off, the crash becomes your fault.  Thus the reason for carrying a
video camera in my truck. And if you want to cut me off, please, at least
have the sense to gun it and get out of my way instead of slowing down.
But of course, none of there drivers have any sense.  If they did, they wouldn’t
be here.
CA - 5FFE270  -  This prick almost got crushed.
CA-5VTK098 & 5Y82249 - The perspective on my camera really sucks.  Both
these cars were less than a car length away.
Cut Off the Bus - The bus could have gotten through this light, but some prick
thought he was more important than the bus full of people.
6XZA995 - Illegal lane change, cut off, then hits brakes in front of a 26,000 lb.
6CYS746 - This genius just couldn’t wait in line with everybody else.
8F71185 - Just had to get a little bit ahead of everyone else.
City of Sunnyvale -  Dives across 3 lanes and hits his brakes in front of my
very heavily loaded truck.
CA-7DYA709 - Dives across Hwy 85 to the exit.  This Audiot was behind me,
but just couldn’t do the right thing.
Cutoff Compilation 1 - A selection of morons cutting off all sorts of innocent
My apologies for the poor sound or lack thereof.  It is very loud in my truck,
and my comments may be rude, so yes, I edit the sound.
Gbus - This idiot just couldn’t go behind me.