Every day I see so many drivers doing stupid and dangerous things, so
I decided to start videotaping my daily driving experiences and posting the
videos here so the world can see what not to do when behind the wheel.
I list the videos by license plate number (if I can see them) so your
friends, family, and employer can see how you drive if you are caught on
camera.  If you don’t like being posted here, don’t do stupid things while
driving, I may be near.  If you don’t like it, get the 1st Amendment repealed
(hah!  Fat chance).
     Now, I take many hours of footage every week, and get shots of many
drivers doing dumb things.  Only the worst, craziest, most dangerous, and
funniest clips get posted.  If you have any video you’d like to send me, I
may be happy to post it.  Most of my video is shot in the San Francisco Bay
Area, but I would be happy to post any original video you may have from
anywhere in the U.S.  Post them to then send the URL to  Make sure you give me a description of the
events in the video with your personal information so I can give you credit.
     For perspective, the bottom of the video frame is at the top of my hood.
The vehicles at the bottom of the frame are a lot closer than they appear.  Those
at the top are much farther away than they appear.
     My apology for the shaky videos, that’s the quality of our roads here.  Also,
my truck is very loud, so I turn the sound off.
     So, enjoy the Shots!
     I must add, many thanks to YouTube!
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